Classic Lingerie Boudoir Photography by Stuart Smith

The Boudoir Experience Photoshoot

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Just For You Boudoir Photography

Every woman deserves to feel fabulous. A professional Boudoir photoshoot will give you that gorgeous feeling and some beautiful photographs to remember the time or share with an intimate loved one. Very pleased to offer a special Just for You Boudoir Package that is priced so that anyone can access the glamour of being pampered and made to feel extra special in a beautiful private photoshoot. In your Just for You Boudoir Package, you will have the following.

  • Full two hour make-over, hair and photoshoot
    • Professional Glamour makeup and hairstyling.
    • Professional photoshoot with up to 2 outfit changes including nude shoots (if required).
    • Full pose coaching to help you look your absolute best!
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Preview of your beautiful images in a private secure online gallery before making final selections.
  • Full Professional Retouching of 5 chosen images
    • Images delivered ready for use on Social Media or to keep in your own private digital album, it’s up to you.
  • Option to purchase high quality prints or albums of additional images

Only £185.90. All photoshoots take place in London, UK. Currently bookings are available from mid-June onwards. To contact us, just complete the following form.

Want to get some ideas for your Boudoir Photoshoot? See some example Boudoir Photoshoots.

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About The Boudoir Experience Team

Stuart Smith - Boudoir PhotographyThe Boudoir Experience team is led by myself, Stuart Smith, a professional photographer and filmmaker.

I love creating fabulous, glamourous images and I firmly believe that a Boudoir style glamour photoshoot is something anyone should be able to enjoy.

A good boudoir photoshoot though is never just about the images. It is about the whole experience. Every boudoir photoshoot with me includes a professional experienced Hair and Makeup artist, who will help you get ready for the photoshoot. They will help you look and feel your absolute best. So before you even step outside in front of the camera, you already feel like a superstar!

The Hair and Makeup artist stays on set throughout our shoot. They are an integral part of the team and my approach. They will help with make-up touchups and wardrobe adjustments. Whilst I focus on helping you look your best in front of the camera and enjoy every moment of your special boudoir experience.

Before every photoshoot we will arrange a Skype video conference call and we will talk about what you want to get from your Boudoir Experience. We’ll talk about the approach, what sort of things you want to wear (or not!). So that when you arrive on the day you can relax and let the team take care of everything and you can get on with loving your Boudoir Experience. Remember, it really is all about you!

If you have any immediate questions about the Boudoir Experience then please do use the form on this page to ask. Or you can visit my professional Facebook Page and ask via there.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit this page. Hope to hear from you soon, so we can make your Boudoir Experience happen.